Current Openings

School-Based Onsite and Virtual Therapist

Job Description

The Houston Galveston Institute (dba HGI Counselling) and identified as The Institute hereby engages the therapist to perform clinical services set forth herein this job description.

Scope of Work

An HGI, school-based therapist, is expected to perform all clinical work as assigned and mutually agreed upon and assignments and remuneration for certain clinical programs are based on the funding availability and the terms and conditions of grant contracts.

Due to the learning process involved in delivering therapy virtually in LCISD (Lamar Consolidated), the therapist will also be required to document procedures and protocols that are developed to manage service delivery and to provide training to school personnel for managing their end of the set-up and monitoring of student participation.

Therapists report to the Clinical Director and the School Program Coordinator.

Place of Work and Working Hours

  • The school-based therapist will work as required, at various schools, where the services are required; the alternate locations will be mutually agreed upon by both parties.
  • This position is full-time during the school year and year-round, days and times to be determined.
  • For the LCISD contract, the therapist will be on-site for approximately 25-33% of the time required and the balance of therapy will be provided virtually through an online program for which the therapist will be trained.
  • Additional hours will be spent working in the HGI Fort Bend office or HGI’s Houston office after school and during summer and school vacations.
  • The work hours will depend on availability to see clients assigned to you in the school setting and the schools’ schedule;

The current meetings that the school-based therapist is expected to attend include:

  • Clinical Team Meetings on Thursday at 3 – 4:30 p.m.;
  • TAS and Pimsy trainings;
  • Project meetings with HGI administrators, weekly to begin and moving to bi-weekly;
  • Reflection Meetings with HGI School Program Coordinator, monthly;
  • And any additional staffing meetings where your presence is requested in the school setting (family/parent meetings, ARD meetings, case consultations with staff, and trainings).

Employment Status

The school-based therapist is an employee of The Institute. The Institute withholds the federal income and deducts it from each paycheck. The amount of deduction depends on the allowance of the individual employee indicated in W-4 form to be completed by new employees.

Clinical Records and other Assignments

The school-based therapist will be responsible for keeping the appropriate administrative and clinical paperwork, billing, and contacts up-to-date and on file for each of the school-based clients with whom he or she works. All files are maintained in the main office, 2990 Richmond Avenue, Suite 530, Houston, TX 77098 and/or our web-based Electronic Client Records, regardless of the location of services. Office staff will be available to assist in this process.

Liability Insurance and Licensure

Liability Insurance: You are responsible for obtaining your liability insurance and keep it current during your employment at the Institute.

Licensure: You must also supply copies of your current licensure for your personnel file.

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