Continuing Education

HGI Counseling Center’s Continuing Education program allows psychotherapists to learn collaborative therapy practices directly from the originators of this postmodern approach to counseling, which has become increasingly popular throughout the world.

Continuing Education is available through a number of programs that currently include:


Ethics Seminars allow participants to consider ethics, law and professional practice issues as they relate to clinical work in Marriage & Family Therapy, Social Work, Counseling and Psychology.

The seminars explore the many dilemmas that clinicians face, including:

  • Who makes these laws/rules?
    • What difference does it make if I follow them or not?
    • Why do the laws/rules contradict good clinical practice?

During HGI’s Ethics Seminars, participants:

  • Review and clarify current ethical, legal, professional guidelines for clinical practice
    • Discuss clinicians’ judgment regarding following these guidelines
    • Explore and understand the basis for these guidelines

Case consultation is provided for those who would like to apply ethical, legal and practical issues to clinical dilemmas. Three-hour sessions allow participants to meet continuing education requirements.


HGI offers conferences on a regular basis, often in partnership with the Taos Institute.

International Summer Institute is offered as an annual intensive program in Collaborative Therapy presented by HGI, Harlene Anderson and Grupo Campos Eliseos.

This unique, in-depth learning experience allows participants to explore postmodern/social construction collaborative philosophy and practices with others from around the world at the Hotel Las Palapas in the Mayan Riviera.

The conference is an opportunity to join with the growing international community of collaborative practitioners in a relaxing beach resort atmosphere and participate in cultural activities, networking, information sharing and informal consultations with Harlene Anderson and her colleagues.

Visitor Study Program

HGI offers a Visitor Study Program for clinicians and teachers who want to study collaborative therapy practices for defined time periods. Visitors may attend HGI on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and are invited to observe and participate in on-going clinical and training programs, including: therapy sessions, teamwork, seminars and case consultation. Visits must be arranged in advance for scheduling purposes. Those seeking clinical case or program consultation should request an appointment when scheduling their visit. All visitors have access to HGI’s library of texts and videotapes for independent study.

International visitors have the opportunity to learn about the history of systems theory and family therapy in the United States, and about the current psychotherapy theory and practice in both private and public sectors.