Internships and Visitor Studies Program

Internship Program

For students in masters and doctoral level programs, such as counseling, psychology, social work, and marriage and family therapy, HGI Counseling Center offers graduate training through internships (sometimes called practicum).

Important Dates:
Application Deadline: March 1
Internship Interviews: March-April
Candidate Offers/Invitations: Early May
Internship Start: June

Link to apply: Applications Closed

HGI internships are typically set up for one year, to meet the requirements of masters or doctoral level graduate programs and in some cases for post-graduates. We believe that interns greatly benefit from being immersed in our programs and practices, so a commitment of 24 hours or more per week (both daytime and evening) is required.

At HGI, interns experience clinical work in a variety of settings and become part of reflecting teams as well as therapeutic teams in co-therapy. Additionally, interns are involved with writing projects, special event planning, community outreach, and workshop presentations with HGI faculty and staff.

HGI interns serve clients from many segments of the community. They are paired with HGI therapists to serve clients through partnerships with Communities in Schools (CIS), Domestic Relations Office (DRO), AVANCE, Lamar Consolidated Independent School District and Fort Bend Seniors. Clients periods in our main office, Fort Bend County, the Woodlands, and in various schools and community settings.

If you are not familiar with Collaborative Therapy, we highly recommend that you do some reading before applying for an internship. Collaborative Therapy is a specific philosophical approach and practice that is rooted in Postmodernism. HGI is a learning environment for this way of doing therapy.

Visitor Study Program

HGI offers a Visitor Study Program for clinicians, teachers and other professionals who want to study collaborative therapy practices for defined time periods. Visitors may attend HGI on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, and are invited to observe and participate in on-going clinical and training programs, including therapy sessions, teamwork, seminars, and case consultation. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about HGI’s history and influence on family therapy in the United States, and about our current philosophy and practice in both private and public sectors.